Gold Coast - the heart of tourism in Australia

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The most visited tourist destination in Australia is considered to be the Gold Coast, which stretched along the sea on the 42 km. It is located in Queensland, which translated to English means "the land of the Queen". The site, a paradise for tourists and travelers, here you can find entertainment for all tastes. For lovers of the gentle sun and golden sand, you can just lie down under […]

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Встреча Нового года в стране кенгуру

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В Австралии очень любят отмечать новогодний праздник, который выпадает на средину лета. В обществе родных и друзей австралийцы проводят оставшуюся до Нового года неделю, а 6 января заканчиваются все торжества. В новогоднюю ночь жители острова идут в бары, на дискотеки, на концерты, в клубы, некоторые предпочитают городские пляжи. В полночь, когда колокола отбивают 12 ударов, […]

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Melbourne- the cultural capital of Australia

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Melbourne cultural capital of Australia. City is a metropolis with a graceful architectural buildings, ancient streets, modern entertainment complexes. City drenched secret charm, spirit of the times and dry winds. Leaving Melbourne, travelers take their products not only the leading brands and exotic souvenirs, but also a strong desire to come back here again. Melbourne vibrant modern city, which harmoniously […]

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Travel to Australia

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Charming and such a faraway country Australia, attracts large numbers of tourists. And all thanks to, that there is great transport links, whereby, you can safely hitchhike or public transport for quite reasonable money. In addition, there a wide variety of beaches, who can say, not touched by man, they are fully […]

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Australian marsupials

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Australia - a country, wildlife which is rich in a wide variety of unique animals. They survived thanks to, Australia is isolated from other continents. Walking almost on any Australian city can stumble upon this, live kangaroo or notice, Koala, hanging from a tree. It is in this country most marsupials - 125 species. And there will be […]

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Getting started Australia

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Sydney is known around the world. But few know, this Australian city began with only one bay Botany, who, during his journey to discover explorer James Cook. A little later, around the bay started to rebuild Sydney. Inter alia, one of the best opera houses in the world is in this Mete. К тому же, he became […]


New Zealanders are leaving their homeland and immigrate to Australia

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Australia is becoming a more attractive place for Immigration New Zealand citizens, says a recent study of immigration flows between the two friendly countries. More 600 000 New Zealanders, which is about 15% the population of this island nation, live in Australia at the moment and their number is steadily increasing. Especially popular with «kiwi» enjoying temporary resident visa, allows live and work […]


Tourism Australia - extreme entertainment

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Today Australia has to offer several vacation destinations. Here you can lazily sunbathe on pristine white beach, to plunge into the sea of ​​fun and entertainment, arrange interesting sightseeing routes, able to introduce the unique historical and modern attractions, but many go to the yellow continent for special emotions, which can give an extreme Australian holiday. What's new sophisticated travelers can […]