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BakhchisaraiA small town in the Crimea became famous dynasty of the Crimean khans. He called Bakhchisaray. It is situated in a picturesque place among the rocks and mountain canyons. In this city was built the palace, in which they lived Crimean rulers in the Middle Ages.

Now the palace is a museum and visitors shows Sofa, where were all meeting, Gareva, in which they lived and concubines famous Fountain of Tears, who later in his poem sung AS. Pushkin.

Near the palace in the picturesque gorge is acting Cave Monastery. This Assumption Monastery - one of the oldest monasteries of Crimea. According to legend, in the monastery is an icon, able to cure any disease. Opposite the monastery on the mountain plateau are the ruins of the ancient cave city. Its name Calais. This is a fairly well-preserved cave city, where you can see the gate, Wall, casemates and mausoleum.

In the vicinities of Bakhchisarai are several ancient forts and cave cities.

It is best to come to Bakhchisarai, to see all the attractions and its surroundings for a few days. You can stay at the tourist camp "Halt", which is located close to the Khan's palace.

Here you can feel, as if you visited various Hotels in Turkey, because the local flavor you just fascinate. You can not only relax here, but also learn a lot of new and interesting.

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