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Отпуск в Апулии, Италия.

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Tour in Puglia, Италия, этот красивый регион, также известный как «итальянский буфет», славится своей вкусной едой, удивительной культурой, замечательными людьми с высоким чувством гостеприимства и кристально чистым морем с некоторыми из самых красивых пляжей в Италии. Поэтому мы покажем вам, где найти лучшие пляжи в Апулии. «Пляж или горы?» — один из вопросов, который часто […]

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Health resorts of Belarus

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Туристическая фирма Тропиканка предлагает незабываемый отдых и лечение в оздоровительных центрах Белоруссии. Санатории Белоруссии по праву могут превосходить уровень предоставляемых оздоровительных услуг многих городских и региональных больниц. At affordable prices can go magnitoterpiyu, elektrogryazelechenie, Laser acupuncture and other health treatments. Optionally, you can pass phytotherapy treatment. Санатории Белоруссии являются современными европейскими гостиницами, которые мало чем […]

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How to make a visa in Kaliningrad

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Schengen visas in Kaliningrad. The boundaries can be crossed within Europe without passing through passport control at border checkpoints Schengen countries. Но для этого россиянам необходимо иметь шенгенскую визу. Upon receipt of the movement of Kaliningrad in the European Union can be made almost free and with almost no restrictions. National borders within Europe between the countries can be crossed at any point. Шенгенские […]

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5 facts about equipping vessels, that you do not know

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Equipment modern ships very broadly and richly. It includes: safety equipment; protective suits; chests; boats and boats; any other device - depending on the needs of the owner. Next - interesting moments, that you might not know. Первое: range of rescue and protective equipment is wider, чем вы думали Конечно, в оснащении каждого судна есть […]

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Tours in Turkey

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Country Four Seas, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year, cradle of Christianity, the leader in the list of travelers - it's Turkey. State, where they were going in his first foreign trip to the sea most of the inhabitants of our country. Summer Turkey hosted the lovers bask in the sun off the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, зимой приглашает на горнолыжные курорты и круглый год – […]

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Resorts in Turkey — Choose a holiday destination!

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Turkey - a country of four seas. Every year in this country comes to several million tourists from around the world. Many of them have been here and back again. The country attracted by its affordable luxury and excellent service. System «all inclusive» and «ultra all inclusive» in Turkish hotels fall like all travelers: Eat and drink as much as necessary! […]


Special holiday on the island of Hainan

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Hainan is a tiny province in China, However, this little corner of heaven on earth, to which tourists from many countries are willing to touch today. The island is on the same latitude as Havana, and just imagine, as there is great: coral reefs and sparkling white sand, coconut trees, wild monkeys, которые совсем не боятся человека и соседствуют с ним – […]


Tattoo in the form of a bride: emphasize or hide?

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Body art came from the ancient times, but if many centuries ago, it was a lot of sorcerers and shamans, in the modern world of tattoo is not such a deep sense of the sacred. It's more of a fashion trend, who fell in love not only men, but the fairer sex. Adorn themselves with indelible pictures can a woman of any age, то прерогатива […]