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Anapa, the secret of a good holiday

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Наверное, нет на свете ни одного человека, который бы не слышал о прекрасном, сказочном курорте под названием Анапа. Такой отдых придется по душе, как активным людям, так и тем, кто любит целыми днями валяться на песочке под теплыми лучами солнца. Но, к большому сожалению, многие наши граждане не умеют ценить то, что имеют и выбрасывают […]

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Guided bus tours through Europe: Budget, available, exciting and … stunningly!

Мар 14, 2019 no reviews by Осенние каникулы – это прекрасная возможность отдохнуть и набраться новых впечатлений. To realize the dream of their children - send them in a bus tour of Europe! tours, which provides you with our company, will enrich your children and expand their horizons. They will be able to visit many wonderful parts of Europe. We are offering tours to Europe, в […]

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Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region

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Excursion to the Curonian Spit from Kaliningrad One of the most unique places on earth is the Curonian Spit Kaliningrad region. To this attraction every year come to see thousands of tourists from around the world. The spit separates the bay from the Baltic Sea. One feature of the spit is the separation of fresh water in the bay of the salt in the Baltic Sea. Once upon a time in ancient times on this […]

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Holidays in Puglia, Италия.

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Tour in Puglia, Италия, This beautiful region, also known as the "Italian buffet", famous for its delicious food, amazing culture, wonderful people with a high sense of hospitality and crystal clear sea with some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Therefore, we will show you, where to find the best beaches in Puglia. "Beach or mountains?» — one of the questions, often […]

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Health resorts of Belarus

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À on travel agency offers an unforgettable stay and treatment in health centers in Belarus. Belarus Health resorts of law may exceed the level of provided health services of many urban and regional hospitals. At affordable prices can go magnitoterpiyu, elektrogryazelechenie, Laser acupuncture and other health treatments. Optionally, you can pass phytotherapy treatment. Belarus Health resorts are modern European hotels, that little […]

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How to make a visa in Kaliningrad

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Schengen visas in Kaliningrad. The boundaries can be crossed within Europe without passing through passport control at border checkpoints Schengen countries. But for Russians it is necessary to have a Schengen visa. Upon receipt of the movement of Kaliningrad in the European Union can be made almost free and with almost no restrictions. National borders within Europe between the countries can be crossed at any point. Shengenskie […]


5 facts about equipping vessels, that you do not know

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Equipment modern ships very broadly and richly. It includes: safety equipment; protective suits; chests; boats and boats; any other device - depending on the needs of the owner. Next - interesting moments, that you might not know. Первое: range of rescue and protective equipment is wider, What were you thinking course, to equip each ship there […]


Tours in Turkey

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Country Four Seas, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year, cradle of Christianity, the leader in the list of travelers - it's Turkey. State, where they were going in his first foreign trip to the sea most of the inhabitants of our country. Summer Turkey hosted the lovers bask in the sun off the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, winter invites you to ski resorts and all year round - […]